EtchPlan is a streamlined, convenient, cost-effective approach to estate planning. EtchPlan seeks to serve the client who doesn’t necessarily want the traditional, leather-bound law firm (and the price tag that goes with it), but who also does not want to take on the time burden and risk of trying to draft their own documents on LegalZoom. By talking to an actual attorney by telephone or Skype, you will receive personalized legal advice. The same attorney will analyze your situation and will draft your estate plan. You will receive a high quality estate plan at a fraction of traditional estate planning prices.

We approach each estate plan on a case-by-case basis. If, after a consultation, we determine that EtchPlan will not suit your needs and adequately protect your estate, or if you decide not to proceed, we will not try to upsell you. Your card will not be charged for the consultation. We are so confident in our service and the attorney experience we provide that we do not need take money upfront. The best way to approach EtchPlan is by scheduling an appointment to talk to an attorney to see what the best options are for you.

Using our online scheduling system, you pick a time to do your initial meeting via telephone or Skype. At your scheduled time, your attorney will contact you for your consultation. The attorney will analyze your specific situation, and create your customized estate plan. Within three days, you will receive an electronic copy of your estate plan, ready for execution!

Have follow-up questions? We are here to answer them! Simply log on to www.etchplan.com within 6 months of your initial consultation date and schedule another appointment to speak with your attorney for free. Like that, you have access to attorney advice at a time that is convenient for you.

Your consultation will last generally around 45 minutes.

If you decide for whatever reason that EtchPlan is not the right option for you, no problem. Although we take your credit card information at the time you make your appointment, you card is not charged until your documents are drafted and sent to you. At any point prior to that, you are welcome to cancel your service.

Our prices are straightforward and listed on our homepage.

  • Will Bundle - $500 for individuals; $700 for married couples.
  • Trust & Pour-Over Will Bundle - $950 for individuals; $1200 for married couples.
  • Tax Planning Trust Bundle - $2600.
  • Restated Amendment to an existing Trust - $950.
  • Deed Preparation - $100

We are committed to our prices. The only other fee we charge is for deed preparation, and only if you elect to use this option. We can prepare your real property deeds for $100 per deed, provided you can get us an electronic copy of your current deed. Please note that we do not record deeds, but we can direct you to recording processes and information.

Although we pride ourselves on solid drafting, there are times when your documents may need to be changed. Anytime, within 6 months of your consultation, Simply log on to www.etchplan.com and schedule an appointment with your attorney to discuss the necessary changes. We ask that you allow one week for any revisions to be made.

Proper execution of the estate planning package is of the upmost importance. Most of your documents will need to be signed in front of either a notary public or two non-family member, non-beneficiary witnesses. You will receive detailed instructions as to how to execute each document when you receive your final drafts.

Once the documents are properly signed, you should keep them in a safe deposit box, home safe, or other secure location of your choosing. It never hurts to make a copy or have a digital copy of your executed originals.

First, congratulations! You have made a great decision to opt for legal plan insurance, and will receive our premium estate plan at even more of a cost benefit. Simply enter your Hyatt case number and member number when booking an appointment in lieu of your credit card information.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer our estate planning services at the same price for in-person meetings. If you prefer to meet with us in person, and you are located in the Bay Area (or are willing to get to the Bay Area), we would welcome an in-office appointment. Please submit a booking inquiry here.