Probate & Estate Administration

At ELG, we understand that when your family member or friend has passed away, things can be difficult, emotional and confusing. This is why we want to support our clients at their time of need by offering professional probate and estate administration services. Our goal is to lessen your burden.

Probate is the court supervised process to administer a decedent’s estate after their death. Our attorneys can guide administrators or executors through the process of notifying creditors, inventorying the deceased's assets, and making final distributions of the assets to beneficiaries. ELG also advises trustees on how to properly administer a decedent’s trust and perform their fiduciary duties.

Probate & Estate Administration include:

  • Petitions for Probate
  • Heggstad Petitions (California)
  • Inventory of Assets
  • Distribution to Beneficiaries
  • Creditor Claims
  • Closing out the Estate